New Agie, Agiecut Progress V2 WEDM Machine

Image of the Agie Progress V2 WEDM MachineComplimenting the Agie, Agiecut Vertex 2F WEDM machine purchased in late 2006, is the Agie, Agiecut Progress V2 WEDM machine acquired in early 2007. The two machines provide 3-D CNC, Inc. with the next generation of high-end WEDM precision technology. The Vertex 2F offers unmatched accuracy and surface finish with exceptional cutting speeds while the Progress V2 offers nearly comparable accuracy and surface finish with double the cutting speed of the Vertex 2F. {showhide +params}

The Progress V2 is considered the high-end work horse of the three Charmilles WEDM machines and the two Agie WEDM machines at 3-D CNC, Inc. The machine cuts at an amazing 47 square inches per hour making it ideal for precision production type work. Wire size can go down to .003" diameter. A big time saver for the operator is he/she does not have to change wire guides when switching wire sizes in the machine. Surface finishes in the 5 to 6 RMS range can be achieved on a consistent basis.

Important time saving features found on both Agie machines include: A user friendly Windows XP based controller combined with an IPG-V digital power supply, advanced wire off-set which aides in tipping the cutting wire during the cutting process to compensate for irregular material erosion producing precise tolerance and cylindricity control, wire bend control producing smoother radius transitions on smaller part radius cutting, and probing capabilities to probe the top surface of a part to adjust the cutting wire perpendicular to part datum features.

3-D CNC, Inc. can now offer customers a variety of unique high-end precision technology WEDM capabilities. The wire EDM department at 3-D CNC, Inc. runs week days 24-hours per day and offers a week-end shift to minimize lead times.

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