Yes, often and with great success. All our wire EDM machines and surface grinding machines are equipped with carbide technology.
Yes, as required by customers.
The more detailed information you can provide up front, including a detailed print and solid model file, the faster a quote can be completed. Same day response on quotes is common.
At a minimum, we request a dimensioned and toleranced print. This can be provided as a pdf file, faxed, or mailed. A solid model file along with your print, is desirable to get a faster response. Quotes can be done from solid part files only, but we may need additional explanation to accurately quote desired tolerances.
Our smallest wire EDM wire is .0012" or .03mm in diameter.
There are many variables affecting how small of a hole we can drill, including material type and thickness. Generally speaking, .008" diameter is the smallest, but we have made holes down to .005" diameter.
3-D CNC, Inc. uses SolidWorks as an internal CAD system. We can work with most file types including, but not limited to, Pro E, Parasolid, Step, ACIS, IGES, DWG, or DXF.

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