Building Fixtures for Speed & Precision

Case Study:

At 3D CNC, our success depends on our customers’ success. Therefore, it is our goal to manufacture high quality precision tooling that help our customers better meet their customer’s needs. A prime example is the fixtures we designed and built, which have produced outstanding results for our customer.


T Bryce and Associates was selling new machines to a customer who wanted to bring the production of a certain part inhouse. The machines are Current EDM CT400 small hole burners. Their customer’s challenge was to develop a method for precision locating production parts. We met with Matt Kelly from EDM Tech Center and Terry Bryce from T. Bryce and Associates and then designed a tool to address this challenge.


We developed a concept for machining the parts that was approved by Mr. Kelly. The solution was to build a sliding fixture that would automate loading and machining with continuous flow. We gained the approval of the concept from their customer and worked with them to draft preliminary designs. Once our toolmaker’s final design was approved and the timeline and price were agreed upon, work could begin. The fixtures were manufactured and assembled within the allotted timeline. Finally, the finished fixtures were sent to the engineers at Current EDM for mounting on the CT400 machines.


The new machines and fixtures enabled the final customer to perform a key operation inhouse rather than outsourcing. The company was able to reduce cost and lead time with the added capability. They were also able to manufacture smaller batches of the parts more cost effectively. The addition of the new machines and fixtures helped them improve their cost and throughput rate and that translated to their bottom line.

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