Putting a New Spin on Wire EDM

Case Study:

At 3D CNC, our success depends on our customers’ success. Therefore, it is our goal to manufacture high quality precision tooling that help our customers better meet their customer’s needs.


Our customer in the medical industry required precision go/no-go gages manufactured from .125” diameter carbide to tolerances of +/-.0001". The parts would have been impossible to manufacture through conventional machining methods, so we turned to our rotary indexer on our wire EDM machine.


Utilizing a combination of spinning and indexing on our wire EDM machine, we were able to successfully manufacture the gages to the required tolerances. We verified that the tolerances were maintained by inspecting the gages in our CMM, held in place by our own custom-made fixture. The hexes were within the required range of .0537” - .0539”.

This is just an example of one of the projects that has utilized our spinning and indexing capabilities. We have also been successful in cutting intricate patterns into miniature pins utilizing our full range of wire diameters from .0012" to .012". Precision has always been a priority at 3-D CNC and it has been demonstrated through our strict adherence to tight tolerances.

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