Precise Calibration For A Precise Measurement

Case Study:

At 3D CNC, our success depends on our customers’ success. Therefore, it is our goal to manufacture high quality precision tooling that help our customers better meet their customer’s needs.


One of our customers in the medical field required the calibration of go/no-go functional gages. These gages had a unique outside profile which required a critical tolerance of +/- .0004”.

Solution & Results:

We measured the outside profile of the gage, along with hole alignment and diameters, with our Zeiss CMM with standards traceable to NIST. The stylus used in the calibration was .039”, but we can use styli down to .012” for smaller features. Finally, a certificate of calibration and measurement plan were provided to the customer as requested.

We know how crucial it is to have accurate gages which is why we are dedicated to providing top-notch gage calibration services. Our company has experience manufacturing/calibrating gages regularly for customers in the medical, defense, and dental industries. From simple plug gages to complex functional gages with a profile tolerance range of +/-.00007”/1.77µm, we are able to verify calibration to your precise requirements and provide proper documentation.

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