Gearing Up Quickly

Case Study:

It’s crucial for a manufacturer to keep their production continually flowing, so when a potential failure threatens this harmony, an emergency repair may be required. That’s where we can help you.


A local manufacturer approached us in need of a repair. Their gear pump was beginning to fail and they needed a new pair of gears. This manufacturer had no prints or model of these gears and they required a three day turnaround.


Armed with only a set of plastic gears provided by the manufacturer, we were able to successfully reverse engineer and manufacture a new set out of high quality food-grade stainless steel. Additionally, we created and supplied our customer with solid models and detailed manufacturing prints for the gears. The project was completed within the requested deadline.


The new gears were sent to the manufacturer where they were tested and implemented into the production process. The quick turnaround meant minimal downtime for the manufacturer. By manufacturing the gears out of stainless steel, it ensured that they would last years over their plastic counterparts. Finally, the customer has the available prints/models should any need for new/additional parts arise.

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