Precision Tooling

Industry Wide Experience in Designing & Building Precision Tooling.

Sample Image of a Prototype Short Run using CNC Machining.3-D CNC, Inc. offers industry wide experience in designing and building a variety of precision tooling. Our capabilities include engineering design, full tool build, and complete tool validation.

Precision gages, tooling, fixturing, jigs, stamping dies, and molds can all be manufactured at 3-D CNC, Inc.

Rest assured, our team of creative tool and die professionals can offer you the most practical, cost effective precision tooling solutions available without sacrificing performance or durability.

3-D CNC, Inc. is experienced in the design, manufacturing, and calibration of custom gages for the medical and dental industries. We can manufacture precision functional gaging including go/no-go gages and attribute gages to tolerances of +/- .00004". Additionally, we can provide calibration certification traceable to NIST standards.


Specific Capabilities Include

progressive dies
  • Stamping Dies - Blanking, Compound, Progressive, and Forming.
  • Molds - Prototype, Single and Multi-Cavity.
  • Precision Fixturing and Jigs - Machining, Welding, Assembly, Inspection, and Testing.
  • Precision Gages - Assembly, Inspection, and Testing.

Make us your choice for precision CNC, Prototype Machining, Precision Tooling, EDM Precision and Manufacturing solutions.
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