Precision Grinding

Image of carbide and tool steel surface grinding machine at 3D-CNC in Hutchinson, MN.3-D CNC, Inc. has developed a world-class precision CNC surface grinding and jig grinding department. We offer close tolerance CNC surface grinding, CNC contour grinding, and precision jig grinding.

Our staff of grinding professionals is eager to assist you with all your precision grinding  needs.



Image of skilled technician operating a precision surface grinding machine.

  • Surface grinding capabilities to 32" x 16" x 19" envelope.
  • Tolerances consistently held to within .0001" or closer, depending on part characteristics.
  • CNC controlled surface and contour grinding.
  • Precision jig grinding.
  • Spindle speed control.


Image of a skilled technician operating a grinding machine at 3D-CNC, Inc. in Hutchinson, MN.

  • Mitsui Quick Set-618 C-CNC controlled profileand surface grinder.
  • Bridgeport EZSurf 61 8 - CNC controlled profileand surface grinder.
  • Okamoto ACC-12-240X - surface grinder.
  • Okamoto ACC-16-32DX - surface grinder.
  • Mitsui MSG-1224HMD - surface grinder.
  • 2) Mitsui 200MHI612 - surface grinder.
  • K.O. Lee SS714 - surface grinder.
  • Moore 2C - jig grinder.

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