uniPoint Management Software


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3-D CNC, Inc. recently incorporated uniPoint Management Software. uniPoint is a quality management software that will improve many of the already great attributes that we possess. uniPoint is integrated with JobBOSS, our manufacturing resource planning software.

With uniPoint in place all NC (non-conformance) forms and CPA ( corrective preventive actions) forms will become paperless. This will speed up time and enhance communication between the different processes. Communication between shifts will also improve because employees will receive notices of non-conformance, and will have the ability to monitor corrective preventive actions . uniPoint will also improve tool calibration and maintenance by keeping on time records to assure quality manufacturing.

Contact www.unipointsoftware.com or www.exactamerica.com for more information on either managment software.

Improving Quality, Capacity & Pricing
Modern Machine Shop, July 2011

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