New Zeiss CMM Arrives

Image of the Zeiss Prismo Navigator Machine Purchased by 3-D CNC.3-D CNC, Inc. announces the acquisition of a new Zeiss Prismo Navigator S-ACC coordinate measuring machine. Software included in the purchase is the Calypso package with Calypso Curve and HOLOS-NT supporting software packages.{showhide +params}

The system is a higher end measurement machine with accuracy of with in plus or minus .00002". The measurement envelope includes an X range of 27.6", a Y range of 35.4", and a Z range of 19.7".

Ken Wraspir, 3-D CNC Quality Manager stated, "The Zeiss system adds a new measurement element that best supports our current customer base and all future 3-D CNC customers."

The system will compliment current 3-D CNC quality inspection options by offering a highly accurate, fast and efficient three-dimensional measurement tool.

The system is now available as a value added service to our customers. Feel free to contact any 3-D CNC representative to find out more about this exciting new service or to answer any technical questions about the system.{/showhide}

Modern Machine Shop, July 2011
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