New Haas VM-2 & Haas TM-2 Vertical Machining Centers

Image of the Haas VM-2 Machining CenterAfter 3-D CNC, Inc. acquired CAMWorks CNC programming software in 2006, it didn't take long to realize the opportunity the software presented with the potential upgrade of our machining center capabilities. This upgrade was accomplished early in 2007 with the purchase of a Haas VM-2 and a Haas TM-2 vertical machining centers. The two machines were purchased for different reasons, but ultimately together, form a vital link enhancing our CNC programming capability with improved machining accuracy and speed.

The Haas VM-2 vertical machining center features a 30-hp in-line dual direct drive 12,000-rpm 40-taper spindle. The machine came equipped with a probing option used to efficiently pick-up part features and provide in-process dimensional verifications. In addition to the machine's excellent accuracy and impressive speed, it offers improved machining rigidity allowing for specific hard milling applications.

The Haas TM-2 vertical machining center was purchased to offer ease of operation along with extreme flexibility. It is designed to be used in any of three modes of operation: manual, combined manual and fully programmable CNC, and fully programmable CNC. The machine is highly accurate in either mode making it the machine of choice over standard tool room mills. Future plans include replacing existing tool room mills at 3-D CNC, Inc. with additional TM-2 machines.

Both machines have enhanced our ability to utilize the technology of solid model programming to efficiently machine close tolerance prototype and small run production parts.

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