Improvement with Chick Work-holding Solutions


Image of the CHICK logo.

Resulting from our experience at this years IMTS we invested in Chick Work-holding Solution precision sub-plates along with single and double lock vices to help us with setup reduction and more increasing productivity.

Chick Work-holding Solutions double lock design reduces cycle times and reduces time chip to chip. With the ability to run multiple part setups we are now able to get more of your parts done faster.

QwikChange is a Chick innovation that allows you to set up CNC milling jobs faster, change jaws faster, and hold parts with greater repeatability and accuracy. QwikChange also provides faster part changes, accurate repeatability, no jaw lift, and customized fixturing.

All of these innovations start with an improvement in our process, and end results with a lower cost part delivered to you in less time.

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