Haas VM3: Larger Size, Larger Possibilities

Image of the Haas VM3 machine |  3-D CNC Hutchinson, MN 55350Earlier this year, we purchased a brand-new Haas VM3. With an envelope of 40” X 26” X 25”, the VM3 is our largest machining center yet. The new machine has helped increase our capabilities to better serve your needs.

The large size of the VM3 allows us to machine several precision parts in a single setup. With multiple fixtures in place, the machine can accommodate one to hundreds of parts, depending on part size. This reduces cycle time with fewer tool changes.

One of our customers had large plates which required precision hole placement. Utilizing the VM3, we were able to manufacture precision holes to the exact customer specifications. With the large working envelope of the VM3, we are able to machine precision features on plates up to 24” X 36” in size.

The latest addition to our shop has played a role in shortening our lead times, meeting the tightest delivery requirements.

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