Haas VM3: Larger Size, Larger Possibilities

Earlier this year, we purchased a brand-new Haas VM3. With an envelope of 40” X 26” X 25”, the VM3 is our largest machining center yet. The new machine has helped increase our capabilities to better serve your needs.

The large size of the VM3 allows us to machine several precision parts in a single setup. With multiple fixtures in place, the machine can accommodate one to hundreds of parts, depending on part size. This reduces cycle time with fewer tool changes.

One of our customers had large plates which required precision hole placement. Utilizing the VM3, we were able to manufacture precision holes to the exact customer specifications. With the large working envelope of the VM3, we are able to machine precision features on plates up to 24” X 36” in size.

The latest addition to our shop has played a role in shortening our lead times, meeting the tightest delivery requirements.

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Improvement with Chick Work-holding Solutions


Resulting from our experience at this years IMTS we invested in Chick Work-holding Solution precision sub-plates along with single and double lock vices to help us with setup reduction and more increasing productivity.

Chick Work-holding Solutions double lock design reduces cycle times and reduces time chip to chip. With the ability to run multiple part setups we are now able to get more of your parts done faster.

QwikChange is a Chick innovation that allows you to set up CNC milling jobs faster, change jaws faster, and hold parts with greater repeatability and accuracy. QwikChange also provides faster part changes, accurate repeatability, no jaw lift, and customized fixturing.

All of these innovations start with an improvement in our process, and end results with a lower cost part delivered to you in less time.

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uniPoint Management Software


3-D CNC, Inc. recently incorporated uniPoint Management Software. uniPoint is a quality management software that will improve many of the already great attributes that we possess. uniPoint is integrated with JobBOSS, our manufacturing resource planning software.

With uniPoint in place all NC (non-conformance) forms and CPA ( corrective preventive actions) forms will become paperless. This will speed up time and enhance communication between the different processes. Communication between shifts will also improve because employees will receive notices of non-conformance, and will have the ability to monitor corrective preventive actions . uniPoint will also improve tool calibration and maintenance by keeping on time records to assure quality manufacturing.

Contact www.unipointsoftware.com or www.exactamerica.com for more information on either managment software.

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